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Track Name: Emmanuel, Judith and Ali and Shupe - Follow The Flow
Gotta keep goin
Progressing every time
Gotta write dowen every line
Gotta go and change the world here’s a freakin dime
The only thing I’m aiming for is the top
And from now on I won’t even try to stop
And I think it’s time that you close up shop
It’s a brand new sound you just heard it now
And I guess a new kid just came to town
With a brand new flow and even though
He’s killin rappers like he gottem on a row
Got em goin around and around
But to him its just another round
And there tryin to figure out a way to put him down

If life wasn’t hard I wouldn’t try be here
To free your hurt and wash away your fears

Don’t worry about me I got it goin on
And f I didn’t have this I wouldn’t be going along

When your heart brakes in different halves
It will land on something sweet and soft

No love ever fell that way
Besides I don’t have a heart to break anyway

I wont say goodbye Or hit you hard
I’ll only sigh when there’s a lie

Let me tell you the truth
I will be the first one gone
And when you wake up i won’t be here at dawn